沈む掌 || A Sinking Palm

shizumu tenohira
A Sinking Palm

Vocals: Rika Hisui (ヒスイ リカ)
Lyrics: Rika Hisui (ヒスイ リカ)
Composed by: Otoya (音冶)
Album: Schwarzweiß Spiegel 【Official Site】
Circle: Re;Re
Event: M3-2013

Requested by: Adelheid

This is a retelling of the story of Snow White, told from the perspective of the evil stepmother. Some extra parts are spoken in the song, so I tried my best to add them in where possible. Also, some different words are sung in place of some of the written words; I tried to accommodate for most of them, but I added some notes in where necessary.

The title may seem a bit… odd. If it does, think of someone reaching out to someone who is running away, then dropping their hand as they get further and further away.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


gomennasai. demo, watashi ni wa kou suru shika nai kara.
kirawarete mo, yurusanakute mo ii.
anata ni wa shiawase ni ikite hoshii wa.

“I’m sorry. It was the only thing I could do. Therefore…
Even if you hate me, or can’t forgive me, I’m okay with it.
I want you, at least, to live in happiness.”

着いた先 事切れた腕の中で甘えている忘れ形見

watashi no aishita tomo ga taoreta to kiite
tsuita saki kotokireta ude no naka de amaeteiru wasuregatami

I heard that my beloved friend had collapsed.
After I arrived, I saw her screaming child – a memento – in her dead arms.

あどけない子を残し 死んでいった無念
小さく脆い身体 熱く抱き締めた

adokenai ko wo nokoshi shindeitta munen
watashi ga uketomeru to chikai wo tatete
chiisaku moroi karada atsuku dakishimeta
ano toki kara anata wa watashi no takaramono yo

She died in regret, leaving an innocent child behind.
I made a vow to protect that child.
That small, brittle body… I hugged it passionately to my chest,
And from that moment on, you became my treasure – my daughter.

年を重ね 気付く異常 卑しい目覗く (おい、あいつはどこ?)

toshi wo kasane kidzuku ijou iyashii me nozoku (oi, aitsu wa doko?)
ano otoko no yokubou ga karamu mae ni nanto shitemo nigasu kara

The years passed… Aware of your beauty, vulgar eyes peeped in. “Oi, where is she?”
Before you become entangled in the lust of that man, I have to somehow let you escape, so… (1)

痛みを秘め 非情な継母を演じよう
二度とこんな所に還らぬように… (ごめんなさい)

nobasareta tenohira wo furiharai nokete mo
ooki na hitomi ni namida ga ukande mo
itami wo hime hijou na majou wo enjiyou
nido to konna tokoro ni kaeranu you ni… (gomennasai)

Even though I brush away your outstretched hand,
Even though tears float in your large eyes,
I hide my pain. I shall play the part of the heartless stepmother, (2)
So you will never return to this place… “I’m sorry…”


tsumetaku ashiratta te ga itai
zutto anata wo aishiteiru

My hands, which I’ve treated you so coldly with, hurt.
I have always loved you…

毒牙に蝕まれ 堕ちていく前に
いつかの夢を見たわ 幸せな夢を

donna te wo tsukatte mo mamorinuite miseru
dokuga ni mushibamare ochiteiku mae ni
itsuka no yume wo mita wa shiawase na yume wo
sore dake de, sore dake de, watashi wa ikiteyukeru

No matter what means I may use, I’ll show that I can protect you to the end,
Before you are gnawed at by those poisonous fangs, and fall.
I had a dream of some day in the future. It was a happy dream…
For that dream, for just that dream, I continue to live.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) Two changes in this stanza. 異常 (‘ijou’) literally means ‘strangeness/abnormality,’ but I translated it as ‘beauty’ because, to the best of my knowledge, that’s what Snow White is known for. I’ll change it if the other tracks reveal that there’s something else beneath the surface. Also, ‘that man’ is written as 父親 (‘chichioya’ – father), but pronounced as the more generic 男 (‘otoko’ – man). So, the one after Snow White… is actually her father.
(2) Stepmother (継母 ‘mamahaha’) is written, but she says 魔女 (‘majo’ – witch). Unlike the other times, I just left it as stepmother.


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