I decided to seek permission from the artists whose lyrics I translate. I want to seek permission to:

a) Translate their lyrics.
b) Post the original lyrics (+ romanisation) alongside translations.

As I hear back from more circles, I’ll add them to this list. If I can’t contact a circle, I’ll remove the original lyrics and romanisation, leaving only the translation. I plan on making this a gradual process. I’ll continue to upload translations that have been requested to me using the current format, but after a certain period of time (perhaps 2 weeks or so), I’ll go through and change them around.

The list below will serve as a guide as to which circles I’ve contacted, and their responses. I want to stress that I’m not asking any other translator to obey this, unless they want to. It’s for my own use, and I’d also like you to keep this list in mind when making requests in the future.

_ _ _ _ _

Circle/Group Response Date [dd/mm/yyyy]
AbsoЯute Zero -Rute gave me permission to upload lyrics + translations (with some disclaimers)
-Please contact Rute [form available on the circle’s official website] before posting lyrics/translating
ALiCE’S EMOTiON -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
BUTAOTOME -Re-posting of lyrics = OK [See Tiramisu Cowboy]
-English translation = OK
Diao ye zong -English translation only = OK
-Strictly no reposting of booklet images
FELT -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
Hatsunetsumiko’s -Re-posting of lyrics = Romanisation only
-English translation = OK
Kishida Kyodan & the Akeboshi Rockets -Doujin/Touhou works = no restrictions
-Major works = under JASRAC (in other words, no reposting/translating)
Konpeki Studio (紺碧Studio) -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK [Wants to be informed via. Twitter, direct a mention to @konpeki_studio)
Liz Triangle -English translation only = OK 5/11/2015
macaroom -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
Riverside -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
Saga Novel -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
(Note: Specific condition is ‘as long as it doesn’t disadvantage the circle’ so please don’t use them to make subtitled videos.)
Sally -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
Shibayan Records -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK [Please state that it isn’t an official translation]
Shinra-Bansho -English translation only = OK 17/03/2016
Spangle call Lilli line -Strictly no reposting of lyrics
-Would rather avoid English translations [lyrics are intended to not be understood]
TAMAONSEN -English translation = OK 01/04/2016
Touhou Jihen -Re-posting of lyrics = OK
-English translation = OK
TUMENECO -Re-posting of lyrics = Romanisation only
-English translation = OK

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