Vocals: Maika (舞花)
Lyrics: Maika (舞花)
Arranged by: NAGI☆
Album: Rebirth Story III 【Official Site】
Circle: FELT
Event: Reitaisai 13 [RTS13]
Original Theme: Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream [さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream…]

Requested by: Ordinary Magician
[Extended] subtitled video courtesy of Runixzan:

I should probably mention that if you want to buy this album, Buydoujin has it in stock on their website. I haven’t used the site myself since I live in Australia and shipping prices will burn me no matter where I shop, but if you live in the US, it seems like a pretty good deal. If anyone’s had success with ordering from them, please let me know and I’ll give them a more confident recommendation next time!

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さくら色が 包む窓の光
さくら舞った 影が揺らめいている

sakura-iro ga tsutsumu mado no hikari
sakura matta kage ga yurameite iru

The colour of the cherry blossoms engulfed the light from the window.
The blossoms danced, and their shadows were swaying.

愛しさ 忘れないよう

utsurou kisetsu
afureru setsunasa ga mune wo shime tsukeru
nando mo mukaeta haru ni namida ga komiageta
minareta sakura namiki wo
miageta mama me wo tojita
itoshisa wasurenai you
yaki tsukete iru

As the seasons changed,
Overflowing misery wringed my heart.
My tears welled up during the countless springs I welcomed.
I had grown used to that row of cherry trees.
Whilst looking up at them, I closed my eyes.
So I will not forget their beauty,
I burn the scene into my memory.

儚くて 見惚れていた

todokanai omoi wo nose nagara
mai chiru hana-tachi
hakanakute mitorete ita
makkura na sekai wo ima dake wa
akaruku terashite
dareka ga waraeru you ni

The flowers dance down
Whilst bearing my feelings that will not arrive.
They’re so fleeting. I was fascinated by them.
Only now is this pitch-black world
Lit up brightly
So someone can be made to smile…

微笑む 頬に伝った
綺麗で ただ綺麗だった

hohoemu hoho ni tsutatta
hikari no imi ga shiritakute…
kirei de tada kirei datta
sono yokogao

You smile. I want to find out the meaning
Of the light that traced down your cheeks.
Your face from the side was beautiful.
Just beautiful…

きっと届く 信じている

kakae kirenai kotoba
koe wo dasazu ni hakidasu
kitto todoku shinjite iru
sora no mukou kara
sakura-iro ni somatta boku wo
waratte mitsumete ite
itsu demo omotte iru

Without a sound,
I spit out words I cannot contain.
They’ll surely reach you. I believe they will.
From beyond the sky,
You smile and gaze at me,
Dyed the colour of cherry blossoms.
You are always thinking of me.


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