境界のクロスゲート || The Boundary’s Crossgate

kyoukai no kurosugeeto
The Boundary’s Crossgate

Vocals: Futoumeido (普透明度)
Lyrics: Futoumeido (普透明度)
Arranged by: pizuya
Album: The Boundary’s Crossgate (境界のクロスゲート) 【Official Site】
Circle: Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Themes: -Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle [少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle]
Love-Coloured Master Spark [恋色マスタースパーク]

Requested by: Rachel Lee

I say this every time, but gee, I really enjoy translating Futoumeido’s lyrics. They’re great! Doesn’t this track make you want to go a little further and try a little harder?

僕らはどこまでも超えて行けるよ 真っ直ぐ

bokura wa doko made mo koete ikeru yo massugu
mada hajimatta bakari no endo de

We can keep going straight, passing over the obstacles in our way.
The end has only just begun.

考える時間すらくれないんだ move up now

sentaku wa itsu datte totsuzen yatte kite sa
kangaeru jikan sura kurenai nda move up now
kotae awase suru made nani ga tadashii ka wa wakaranai
mayoi kuyami nagara hikari wo mezashite

Choices always come when you least expect them.
You don’t even have time to think. Move up now.
Until we check our answers, we don’t know what’s right.
We aim at the light while hesitating and mourning.

信じたいよ 自分で選んだものくらい

“kore de ii nda”
shinjitai yo jibun de eranda mono kurai
nariyuki ni makaseta osanai jibun ni wa mou
atomodori shitaku nai kara
“douse” nante kotoba wa sutete

“It’s fine this way.”
I want to at least believe in the things I chose
Because I don’t want to return to my younger self
Who just left things to fate.
“Anyway…” I’ll cast words like that away.


ikou, mirai wo kono te ni

Let’s go—I’ll seize the future.

I will never lose to myself
取り戻す僕らのNext morning

I will never lose to myself
genkai koete
tatta sukoshi dake no kanousei idaite
mada nani mo kamo ga owatta wake ja nai kara
tachiagareru sa
tori modosu bokura no Next morning

I will never lose to myself.
Crossing over boundaries
I’ll embrace even the slightest possibility.
There’s no way everything’s over
So I’ll get back up again!
I’ll take back our next morning.

いくつも悲しい別れがあったstep by step

ikutsu mo kakegaenai deai ga atte
ikutsumo kanashii wakare ga atta step by step
ashiba wo tashikamete wa kakujitsu ni susumu shika nai nda
tatoe sore ga donna ni mawarimichi demo

I had lots of irreplaceable encounters
And I experienced lots of sorrows and farewells. Step by step.
All I can do is be sure of where I stand and move forward with certainty
No matter how far out of my way I have to go.


kurayami ni obotsukanai ashimoto wo terashiteru no wa
koko made sasaete kita tayori nai jibun no ishi
yowamushi wa tou no mukashi ni sutaato chiten ni oite kita yo

That which illuminated the ground before me in the darkness
Was my will. Though I am helpless, it supported me up until now.
I left my weakling self at the start line, long ago.


kaero, tsuyoi jibun e to

I will transform into a stronger me.

I can get the true denouement

I can get the true denouement
ashita wo tsukame
konna rifujin wa uchikudaite yare
donna ni zetsubou-teki na kakuritsu demo ii sa
zero ja nakereba
nando demo idonde yuku yo

I can get the true denouement.
I will seize tomorrow
And crush this irrational situation.
It doesn’t matter how hopeless my chances are—
As long as they’re not zero,
I’ll continue to throw down the gauntlet.

カサブタだらけの体 満身創痍の持久戦
叫ぶよ “諦めない”と

kizu ga ieru mae ni mata tsugi no kizu wo oi tsudzuke
kasabuta darake no karada manshin soui no jikyuusen
shikou kairo sabitsuiteku
sanso busoku no shinzou ga
sakebu yo “akiramenai” to

I keep sustaining wounds before my old ones have healed.
It’s a war of attrition, and my body is covered in scabs.
My trains of thought rust away.
My heart, starved of oxygen,
Is screaming: “Don’t give up!”

※ 繰り返し
Repeat ※


3 thoughts on “境界のクロスゲート || The Boundary’s Crossgate

  1. Petalite Yuu July 12, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    I think there are some romanji need correction.
    僕らはどこまでも超えて行けるよ 真っ直ぐ
    bokura wa doko made mo koete ikeru yo massugu

    It’s yukeru, not ikeru.

    ikou, mirai wo kono te ni

    It’s yukou, not ikou.


    • releska July 12, 2017 / 7:02 pm

      Thanks for pointing that out – in the case of 行く, though, I like to remain consistent and leave it as ‘iku’ regardless of how the vocalist sings it. It’s the same as in other songs, where the vocalist pronounces (verb)していく as (verb)してゆく.

      Liked by 1 person

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