ワンダリア || Wanderia


Vocals: nayuta, Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: Wanderia (ワンダリア) 【Official Site】
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: C93

Requested by: Petalite Yuu


This track, more than any others on the album, is heavily linked to this circle’s previous single, featuring であいのうた (The Song of Meetings) and わかれのうた (The Song of Farewells). Both tracks are namedropped on Wanderia’s official site: であいのうた is this track’s ‘theme’ [written in square brackets after the song’s title], and わかれのうた comes before, as a sort of prologue. It’s a bit confusing, but hopefully this track will serve as a bridge between the other songs.

別れの歌 – The Song of Farewells

…As long as you have the ‘intent’ of a traveller, you will not go astray.
A solitary lamp casts light, illuminating this world.

…I have taken over that role since the other day.
I present my ego’s words to you.

You will never be able to travel through the sky again… are you okay with that?
Very well. If you can devote your feelings to another…

Now, let’s sing.

ワンダリア – Wanderia

O traveller.
How much of your life have you burned away?
Your everlasting intent carries you far, far away.

O traveller.
Even if your life is mistrusted,
I hope your immortal intent will accompany you everywhere.

Shall I illuminate your route?
Even if you’re alone, you will eventually cross paths with someone.

embraces their lives, which will never be yielded, and they live.
If their journey will continue until their intent is exhausted,
Then I’m waiting ‘here’ for a traveller who will someday arrive.
Wait ‘here’ for that person, who will someday arrive.

Hold fast to your sole ego
even if you clash against another.

Let’s sing about the meaning of your existence!

Only I desire to end this journey…

You’re the one who determines where it ends.

“Please, I want you to receive my place…!”

“Please, yield your place to me…!”


さかさまレジスタンス || The Inverted Resistance

sakasama rejisutansu
The Inverted Resistance

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Mischievous Sensation (悪戯センセーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Reverse Ideology [リバースイデオロギー]

Requested by: hs08


I read through the first stanza or so and I immediately though “yep. These are kaztora lyrics.” His lyrics always pose unique challenges, but they’re really rewarding to read deeply and interpret.

The world is always back-to-front! Ah…

Society, after all, is a fantasy.
Fun and boredom have flown away.
During evening at the street corner,
The honest ones look like fools. Look!

On the 6th of June, I tell a lie.
Maybe it’ll return on the 9th of September.
Changeable, reversible… it’s karma
circling round the circumference.

I say it’s for her sake
(but it’s really for my own sake)
Change your viewpoint and it’s a grand turnabout!
The sound of cultural shift can be heard…

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try handstanding occasionally?
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!
Is justice always right?
Well, there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ thing.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

The April Fool dreams.
She’s a young maiden, ignorant of the world.
“Please dream…”
“Don’t dream!”
It’s always like this—double-dealing.

I hate her
(but really, I love her)
Is this really an inverted grand turnabout?
Ah…! Now I hate her!
Though the weather’s fine today, the waves are high.

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try overturning it all occasionally?
I smile when I’m sad
and I cry when I’m having fun. *sob sob*
Is justice always absolute?
Well, ‘absolute’ is probably just a play on words.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

Ah… both sides flicker and waver.
Though they get bewildered sometimes,
I guess the weak are just weak after all.
That’s a lie! What a funny story!
I’ll keep coming, no matter how many times it takes!
This is the fateful, complete reversal. Now…

One more time!
Ah… The world’s back-to-front-to-back.
I overturn it and it’s all linked again and again.
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!

Justice is always flawless
but there’s no such thing as something flawless.
The weak shall inherit!
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

The world’s always back-to-front.

あうんどばいみー || Aund By Me

aundo bai mii
Aund By Me

Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Season 4 you 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C93
Original Theme: A Pair of Divine Beasts [一対の神獣]


Watch the official PV here!

There are a lot of exclamation marks in here, but Aunn is really just that excited. The PV adds so much life to the song, so I recommend giving it a watch! This translation is based on lyrics transcribed from the official PV, so the translation /will/ change once I get my hands on the album!

Aunn’s theme is ‘A Pair of Divine Beasts,’ and pairs play an important role in this song. See if you can spot all the times where pairs appear!

You’re hopeless, but this song of love is for you.
I feel sorry for you, so today
I’ll protect you all day! Ah… all days!

No or yes? Well,
There’s only a small difference between them, right?
The answer is uncertain. Still,
You don’t have to say everything. I get it.

After saying farewell to a day of immobility,
I’ll protect you without anyone knowing about it.
(I’m the strongest, most supreme volunteer!)

Now, it’ll be sunny then rainy, and rainy after the rain. Even clouds are fine by me!
We’re open all year. I get clear-headed, in a trance.  Always, always… a deity is among us.
Things won’t change. (Working)
I wanna go for a walk! (Puppy)
Ah… Me protecting you, and me frolicking…
Put them together and you get Aunn! (Woof)

Huh? You get uneasy when you’re away from the shrine?!
Even when you’re away, it’s all ok! I’ll guard it!
Perfect safety! I’m the embodiment of safety dogma!
I’ll mess up sometimes but I’m an iron wall! I’ll let out a howl!

I get lonely sometimes
But when that happens, just gently stroke my head!
(Gently, gently)

My tail faces west. My head faces east. The norm is fine by me.
In other words, at the end of the day, I’m truly a guardian deity!
When separate things become one (Something)
Yeah—the world will change! (Or something…)
Ah… Me protecting you, and me frolicking…
Put them together and you get Aunn. Ah…

Unnoticed by all,
I protect you in secret.
That’s my guess. It’s a guardian’s pleasure.
Just kidding! Hey, I’ve been discovered already but… no, no! I won’t worry.
(I’m the strongest, most supreme volunteer!)

Now, it’ll be rainy then sunny, and rainy after that. Even spears are fine by me!
Approaching threats and headwinds…
I’ll protect you from all of them!
When I open my mouth (Agyou) 
When I tightly shut it (Ungyou) (1)
It’s obvious, but that’s everything. If I walk, oh no! I’ll hit a pole.

Swish swish swi-swish swish! (Wagging my tail)
Pat pat pa-pat pat! (Stroke me…)
Yes—me on defence, and you attacking…
When we form a pair, Aunn! I’ll always be by your side. 3, 2, 1!

(1) Agyou and Ungyou refer to the two forms used when you say ‘A’ and ‘un’ respectively. The two syllables are important in Buddhist beliefs, and Aunn (as a komainu statue) embodies that.

わかれのうた || The Song of Farewells

wakare no uta
The Song of Farewells

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: The Song of Journeys (タビノウタ) 【Official Site】
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: C92

Requested by: Sayako


Quite a few Feuille-Morte songs are about just that – songs. One only has to look at their C93 album for a whole bunch of examples. This particular song closes off a short album, which possibly describes someone’s path through heaven after dying… I think this song is sung from the perspective of the ‘angel’ watching over them, which informed my perspective choices, but it isn’t the only interpretation.

There are occasions where the written lyrics don’t match what’s sung. For the smaller cases, I’ve coloured the sung lyrics purple. Larger instances are indicated using a translation note.

…No matter when it happens
It’s a sudden thing to everyone.
They know neither how it began or how it ends.
You arrived here while chasing after me, the light.

…No matter when it happens
It’s all too much for everyone.
Your heart, that of a traveler. Your feelings must have made you do it.
Even throwing away something important… There must be something you want to save.

The world will not abandon you. You, who threw your life away
For someone else.
So let’s go home, back to where you were before,
So you may continue on…

You’ll go anywhere.
It’s like you have the wings of a bird. (1)
Tomorrow, you’ll fly where your endless thoughts take you.

The song of travelers
Will accompany you so you’ll never go astray
As you walk down this road that leads to where you were before.

…Try and remember.
Remember how your journey began.
You were held in someone’s arms.
Remember everything up until now…

The chirping of the birds.
Someone’s smile.
Those beautiful hours.
That radiance…

Remember your song, the traveler’s route…

Shall we sing the song of farewells?
When it ends
This journey will surely end too… but your journey will continue.
I think you’ll forget about everything,
But there’s just one thing:
I hope you’ll never come here again.

You’ll go anywhere
While bearing the heart of a bird.
Tomorrow, you’ll keep flying and go where your endless thoughts take you.

The song of the travelers
Is what you sang.
I’m glad I heard it.
Yes! I’ll never forget it!

Well… goodbye. (2)

(1) In these cases, ‘bird’ (鳥) in the first line is sung as ‘そら行くもの’ (sora yuku mono – one who travels through the sky).
(2) This line (それじゃ、さよなら – sore ja, sayonara) is not written in the booklet.

長き夢の果て || At the End of a Long Dream

nagaki yume no hate
At the End of a Long Dream

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Omoi (音) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C92
Original themes: Omiwa Legend [大神神話伝]

Requested by: Nishikawa Keiko


This is only a short song, but a lot of heavy images and concepts are crammed into it. I won’t talk too much about it here, but it seems to be heavily linked to Futo’s backstory. Does this song, like others from this album, deal with lost memories? If so, what memories has Futo lost?

It was a little while ago now, but I received some excellent comments regarding 忘らるる物語 || A Forgettable Tale from this album! Reading everyone’s interpretations made me appreciate the song on a whole new level, so feel free to write your own interpretation in the comments!

I look up at the sky, and in the distance
You sink into a heat haze. (1)

Perhaps you saw it, too—
You uncertain beings
Who violated your birth and your blood unawares. (2)

While fighting, clinging to illusions of old gods, (3)
That whole illusion shall be cast to the flames! Be burned, all together!

If my flowing blood burns brilliantly,
Then do even my outstretched body and hands burn, too?

This trembling. This numbness. What do I fear?

I peer into the earth’s darkness.
After many nights, my corpse begins its journey.

Perhaps you see nothing—
You uncertain beings,
Reward those feelings, which darkened your eyes, and sleep.

At the sleeve of a new god, my purpose
Is to become kindling for the flames that will someday illuminate them.

If it is the fate for shed blood to cease and fade away,
Then perhaps that is also beautiful. if my spirit could but go up in flames…

A long dream. A vanishing dream. I am not afraid.

As descendants of the gods, we will but pursue their shadow.
If so, we will forget our status and depart on a journey far, far away.

(1) Though the kanji 殿 is written, あなた (‘you’) is sung. The kanji is used as a form of honorific (especially when referring to a feudal lord), and can also refer to a mausoleum.
(2) At several points in this song, もの (mono – person/thing) is written in katakana (モノ). It is possible that this refers to Futo’s clan name, Mononobe, especially in cases like this, where it is linked to blood [モノの血 would become ‘The blood of Mono(nobe)]
(3) 幻想 (gensou – illusions) is written, but おもい (omoi – feelings, etc.) is sung. One’s interpretation of this stanza could change based on how they interpret the album title.

Season 4 you

Season4youSeason 4 you

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Season 4 you 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C93
Original Theme: Secret God Matara ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons [秘神マターラ ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons]

Requested by: seaandhisramen


I really missed translating azuki’s lyrics. This song’s lyrics are really powerful! I don’t have a very clear idea about what’s actually going on, but there are some great images in there. Perhaps this is a sort of origin story for Okina…?

The first half of the year passed by, neglected.
This hermitage has been forgotten. It’s a detour.
The tails of words can’t be caught.
Now, shall I give you a name, eighteen?
Wonderous, uncertain, and baffling…
Perhaps I’d better lock you up?

I turn my back against this loveliness,
Like cherry blossoms in full bloom.
I wonder who’s dying? I take a peek inside the door…

Ah… The moon is so beautiful
But by the time I realised it, everyone had vanished.
Ah… O bird! O bird, inside your cage!
I wonder if the wind blows in even this protected world. Ah…

The second half of the year went by in fast forward.
Defend this sequence of heat and cold!
What on earth?! How bizarre. Open up, door!
Bit by bit by bit… Meanwhile, be happy, eighteen.
I haven’t decided on a name for you yet
But I reckon I’ll pick one soon!

O wind, crossing by like a whistle!
I turned my back on nostalgia.
I put my disease-like rashness in the past and gently opened the door.
(Season 4 you.)

Ah… The night is so silent
But there’s nobody left to say it. They went long ago.
Ah… O bird! O bird, inside your cage!
I wonder if rain falls in even this protected world. Ah…
(Spring passes and mixes together. Summer passes, and yet…)
(Autumn passes and mixes together. Winter passes, and yet…)
(The four seasons pass and mix together!)

It must be hidden. (It must be hidden.)
It mustn’t exist. (It mustn’t exist.)
So hidden things may be found… (So hidden things may be found…)
So mysteries will be exposed… I wonder if it exists.
As for that paradise, which continues separately, divided by a door:
Now, I’ll— (In the future—)

I know that the end will come someday
But that isn’t now! It’s during a distant tomorrow.
People know they’re connected somewhere
But nobody knows where those connections are.

Ah… That day will never arrive again.
I arrived here remembering only to reminisce.
Ah… I locked that door with care.
O, my memories! I pray that those grand flowers will bloom.
Someday, please carry your seeds to the world!

風の唄 || The Song of the Wind

kaze no uta
The Song of the Wind

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Hifuu Club Activity Record: Prayer OST (秘封活動記録-祝- OST)
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Published by: Kyoto Fantasy Troupe (京都幻想剧团)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 4 (ARTS4)
Original theme: Faith is for the Transient People [信仰は儚き人間の為に]

Requested by: bagong016


This song, which is used as the opening of a fanmade Touhou animated film, is told from the perspective of Sanae’s sister, Yayoi. She did not inherit any supernatural powers.

we were born
then we drifted apart.
And though I became such a transient human…

My memories of you
will never
waste away
Even now that you have assumed a divine body.

Hear me!
If my voice will reach into the distance,
To the other side of our separate worlds,
Then you will hear it someday.

Even now, there is a song I cannot forget.
I pray that it will tie us together.
I hope that, even if I lose everything and nothing remains,
I will never lose this song.

I wonder how many paths you have walked down…
Yet still, you continue to walk.
Even if I cannot be by your side,
I want my song to reach you someday.

The song of the wind
Carries my prayers into the distance.
It travels far away, forever
Like in our childhood days, when we once sang somewhere.

Please, live
In that distant world.
Remain as you should be.

In that distant world
According to our single broken promise.

I thought that we were completely separate
And I thought you were too far away to recover.
Still, I hope that the hand I reach out to you
Will help you during your journey…

Sometimes in my dreams
I see us walking together once more.
I know that it’s impossible, so I sing,
Placing my feelings in my song at least.

The song of the wind.
I pray once more
That someday, somewhere
You will also be singing the same song…

So I live
In that distant world
Holding my unconveyable feelings close to me.

I live
In that distant world
According to that promise I can never keep.

Do not cry
For it is right for you to be there.

Do not grieve
For you can be saved by being there.

Do not ask,
For you being there alone is enough for me.

Do not hate me
For I prayed for you to be there.

So live
In that distant world
Alter your shadow, which can never touch mine.

In that distant world.
That single broken promise remains so.

—I sing my song again, softly…

Cycle around
And return here.
Which of us
Steps upon the other’s shadow?

Together we sing
A nameless song.
We send it out upon the wind
So it may reach into the distance.

友達の境界 || The Boundary Between Friends

tomodachi no kyoukai
The Boundary Between Friends

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: lily-an
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Shinso Diver (シンソウダイバー) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C90
Original Theme: Welcome to the Moon Tour [月面ツアーへようこそ]

Requested by: Eldrin


We’re walking at midnight. Look, the moon’s smiling at us!
The hands on my watch stopped. Are they avoiding 12 am?

Lightly (If you whisper with a mischievous voice…)
Leaping about. (Is is a sweet trap?)

Hey, why are you walking together with me, looking at the stars?
Am I just looking at you from a bit behind?

Sometimes, you look back at me.
Your shining eyes
Dissolve my worries and discontent, just like a cube of sugar.

Perhaps the words of my pounding heart are a secret.
It’s my first secret, so I’ll remember it forever.

Calmly and naturally, we hold hands and walk along the hill road.
The boundary between friends is invisible, so I suppose we can’t overstep it…

I don’t know if I should put my feelings for you into words.
But, daringly, I turn them into wordless signals.
I draw a heart. Is it wrong?

Perhaps my throbbing heart’s coordinates are a secret.
It’s my first secret, so I can’t tell anyone about it.

If I trace the pin of the music box in my head and speak,
I wonder if I can dance ‘till dawn during this moonlit, starry night.

Perhaps my pounding heartbeat is a secret.
Can I look at you and say I love you? I don’t have the courage.

My heart throbs painfully. Perhaps my feelings are unrequited…
Please, God, tell me—am I allowed to love them?

エクスデウス || Ex Deus

ekusu deusu
Ex Deus

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Composed by: RD-Sounds
Album: Mythologia (ミソロジア) 【Official Site】
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Event: M3-2015 Autumn

Requested by: Himawan Pramudya


This ended up being a very thought-provoking song, as is the norm from RD. I’ll keep my description light to avoid spoilers, but I decided to distinguish between the ‘royal’ We and the ‘regular’ we. This links to my interpretation of the song – I think the narration passes between humans (using We and Our, etc) and the God(or Gods) they deposed (using the uncapitalised versions).

After a long, long time
You touched a multitude of taboos
And your spirit lost itself, becoming symbols. (1)

You keep things away
That once threatened humans.
“We will no longer be destroyed.”

Now that We have erased the darkness of the unknown
How does the world stretched out before Our eyes look?
How much of its colours have been lost?

We became
Deus Ex (2)
And then We unveiled all. But…

Because of this,
Never again will We strain our ears
And hear the voice of Ex Deus. (3)

We have already erased that fragment of darkness, too…

There is nothing you cannot comprehend.
You, who expose all unknown things
And stand atop the corpses of those myths.

Our potential
Lies in challenging the unknown.
Is that not what Our progress has become?

Now that We have erased the darkness of the unknown,
What should We do?
Ah… now, at last,
How much do We regret the loss of those colours?

If We have been completed
And We have become omnipotent,
Then will We birth something more?

“Answer us!”
“What is the meaning of your existence?” Asked thus,
They were left behind.

We sought to expose even that final myth…

Like this, we embrace each other
And even if they search
For something they do not know in our mutual existence…

Having done so,

They cannot not leave the things they do not know as they are.
Thus, we will become one.

Surely, nothing but ‘the self’ must exist then.

…Ah. It is silent.
Nothing is left here anymore.
Not even fear or hope.

They embrace the end.
Here, their progress will halt.

No longer unexposed,
They will become but a shadow, having exposed all.

And then, in the darkness,
They will become the myth of something else…

(1) 精神 (seishin – spirit) is written, but こころ (kokoro – heart/spirit) is sung.
(2) The Japanese translation (機械仕掛けの神 – kikai jikake no kami, God from the machine) is sung instead of the Latin term Deus Ex.
(3) The Japanese translation (神だったもの – kami datta mono, former God) is sung instead of the Latin term Ex Deus.



Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Synchro (シンクロ) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C92
Original Theme: Voyage 1969 [ヴォヤージュ1969]

Requested by: Renka


The lyricist, ticat, posted a short story in Japanese about this song. It depicts Eirin and Kaguya gazing up at a beautiful moon, talking about what they left behind. Eirin reveals at the end that, though she wanted to go home, she won’t since Kaguya doesn’t want to go back.

Why do the moon rabbits hop about?
There must have been a song about it
But people explain even that away,
Calling it a ‘superstition.’

I’ll pretend that I can’t hear them.
That’s it—let’s play a game!
A grand game with our precious lives at stake.

To you, bearing such a rich heart,
I will now deliver the greatest happiness.

Ah, I gathered together my memories of millennia. I’ll weave them into a braid.
I wonder just how many years I’ve sung through since that time.
I haven’t forgotten about them, though
I’ve just pretended that I’ve forgotten about them.
Now, I play with mirages and am shy
But I’ll race through a dream in which I live with you, forever.
Nobody knows a thing about it.

I was wounded for your sake
But people explain those scars away as they please.
They say they were from a crab, or a lion…

I pretend that I can’t see them
And I turn the universe inside out.
I wonder where that prestigious spaceship is now?

Relying on you, I softly call out, even now.
I wish our memories could be together…

Ah, I gathered together my memories of millennia. I’ll weave them into a braid.
Yes—during rainy days, during windy days, I’ll pray that I can fly over the clouds.
In my distant remembrances, my memories change into something different.
I stretch, I stretch, I stretch out my hands, but I can’t reach.
You know, we’re defending a precious place.
I entrusted it to you, forever…

You shine, and no matter what form you take, you’re dear to me.
Forever… Forever… Stay beautiful.

Ah. From now on, I’ll pile up my memories and weave them into a braid.
I sealed even my feelings inside this time capsule. Again and again…
So your back hair will shine even more beautifully. Gently…
As long as you desire even words of parting,
Then it doesn’t matter if I can’t go home or return. Look—
Because the moon’s so pretty tonight.