子守唄-song for you- || Lullaby -Song for You-

ltcd-0011子守唄-song for you-
komori uta-song for you-
Lullaby -Song for You-

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: lily-an
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: SONG FOR YOU (S4U) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C79
Original Theme: Deaf to All but the Song [もう歌しか聞こえない]

Requested by: Kitty


My first Liz Triangle album was reunion, and in the years since that album came out, I haven’t had the chance to go back and listen to their back catalogue (secretly hoping they release a sort of ‘complete collection’ at C92…) Anyway, this song is moving and I really like it.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In a silent forest, clad in dark mist,
I look up at the invisible moon and hum to myself.

The lost child, once again, followed that song
Their figure was projected upon the hazy full moon.

The traces of my loneliness and tears grew so strong they would not vanish.
I believed I could live, even if I was alone. My heart was hollow.

I forgot how valuable it is to talk to others
And accept the kindness of strangers.
Though I sang, though I called out,
Nobody paid any attention to my voice.

The shivering bird sang a lullaby toward the underworld
So they could sleep deeply, once more; so they could die without going astray.

Lending an ear to the song, the lost child stood still.
They seemed anxious, but they began to smile, just a little.

I had already given up,
Given up on understanding others through song.

I want to tell you about my sadness
And about the weight of being burdened with sorrow
So I will continue to sing, continue to cry.
But nobody can hear. I can’t tell anyone about anything.

Even knowing that nobody will hear me,
I continue to sing a song toward the underworld.
Though I’ve given up on communicating with others,
I will sing. My song carries my words and my feelings…

I want to tell you about what lies within my sealed-off heart.
I want to sing with you as we walk, shoulder-to-shoulder
But I told myself it was over, that it was an impossible dream.
I covered my mouth with both hands.

A child grabbed my hands and unsealed my mouth
And they showed me their innocent smile.
They began to sing the same song
And we looked up at the same sky.

壊レタ世界ノ歌 || A Song for the Ruined World

kowareta sekai no uta
A Song for the Ruined World

Vocals: Marina Kawano (河野万里奈 )
Lyrics: Yoko Taro (ヨコオタロウ)
Composed by: MONACA (岡部啓一)
Album: NieR: Automata Official Soundtrack 【Official Site】

Requested by: Sakura


[Below this wall of text: (Unofficial!) English translation only]

I don’t normally translate officially licensed songs, let alone ones that already have an official English translation (mainly because they’re a nightmare to deal with in terms of copyright), but I received this as a request and I think the NieR: Automata OST is amazing, so I made an exception. To start off with, I just want to say that the official translation is excellent. I struggle to make translations fit with how a song goes, so I have nothing but respect for people who are able to do that.

Putting all that aside, what makes the official English version different from the Japanese version? The main difference is in the chorus, since the beginning part is quite similar, so that’s what I’ll talk about a bit below.

The song as a whole seems to exist on the boundary between the personal and the collective, nature and machinery, the present and the past. I’m quite fond of that contrast, which I suppose is why I like this game’s aesthetic so much. Though there are some incredibly personal moments in here in which the speaker directly addresses their deity, the chorus moves the focus further out, looking at how a broader congregation of believers reacts to losing their deity. This is the main area of difference – though the official translation maintains ‘we’ from the Japanese version, the focus is on the speaker, who is only “one girl” trying to save everyone.

Finally, I capitalised each instance of ‘You’ to further strengthen the idea that this song is addressed to some sort of higher power. The world is ruined, and I think it’s ruined because its deity has vanished.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Salvation fades away
And my body ceases to function.
Even now, the sky is dark.
The clock has stopped,
And the machinery has gone quiet.
My voice will not reach You.

The depth of my sins
Is a curse upon me
Though Your prayers
Embrace my tainted soul and provide redemption…


And now
Though it is useless, we cry out
A song for the ruined world.
And now
Though it is meaningless, we simply pray
For a future by Your side
Your smiling face from those days vanishes while it is still beautiful.

Here, nature is abundant
And lives are lost.
The wind is still so distant.
Rust is stripped away and blades writhe about
In a forest in which death lurks.

The pain of murdering a promise
Is a curse upon me.
Though Your prayers
Are atonement for abandoning that final dream…

And now
Though it is useless, we cry out
Our love for the tainted world.
And now
Though it is meaningless, we simply pray
For more time with You.
My sinking consciousness fades away while it is still so gentle.

And now
Though it is useless, we cry out
A song for the ruined world.
And now
Though it is meaningless, we simply pray
For a future by Your side

And now
Though it is useless, we cry out
Our love for the tainted world.
And now
Though it is meaningless, we pray
For more time with You.

Though my prayers cannot grant me forgiveness…

…I still—

イニシエイション || Initiation


Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Hifuusai Original Soundtrack (秘封祭 オリジナル・サウンド・トラック) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Published by: Shimensoka (四面楚歌)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Girls’ Sealing Club [少女秘封倶楽部]

Requested by: Rin


This track is part of the soundtrack of a doujin game released during C90. The official site pulls no punches – written at the very top is ‘Merry bad end,’ which is the title of a special book accompanying a special edition of the game released at C91 with the OST.

I’m still not entirely sure what to make of the lyrics. To begin with, I thought that the track was about Sumireko, pulling some timey wimey shenanigans to prevent the continuation of the Sealing Club in Renko and Merry’s era. But, with the ‘Merry bad end’ message in mind, I think it might actually be about Merry dealing with/eradicating multiple different personalities in her mind. Please let me know if you’ve read the associated novel, or have any theories of your own, because I’d like to get closer to finding out the true meaning of this track…!

It also seems like this track is linked to the other Diao ye zong vocal track, Celebration. I’d like to have a look through that, too…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I felt countless gazes upon my back
Filled with malice
As if saying “why me?”

If you want to curse someone, then please curse me
But even if you do, I won’t stop.

I won’t look away, I won’t forget
Because they, too, are me.
Still, I search. I search for a future absent of that way of life.

I crush them
Suffocate them
All so they’ll never be born again.

I gather my strength and take another step.

I crush them underfoot
Eradicate their wishes
All so they’ll never be able to dream again.

I place my feet upon the ground. (1)
Firmly, firmly! Firmly! I stamp my foot down. And afterwards…

…I want to see you.

I mark out the final blank space
That must be filled.
It’s the same shape as you.

And if, say, there’s nothing after this
Even if I pursue the worst possibility…

I will not look away, I will not run away
Because that, too, is me.
Still, I will take that way of life to heart and walk onwards.

I’ll trample them underfoot
Exterminate them
So they can never again come to life.

I am here. There’s only one me.

I’ll trample them to death
Exterminate their hopes
So they won’t start moving again.

I stretch a hand to the sky. (2)
Higher, higher! Higher! I hold it out. And afterwards…

…I want to see you.

Yes, until I meet you
At the end of this ‘road’…

Yes, until you and I
Begin walking toward the future…

Yes, until you and I
Decide what shape tomorrow will take…

Yes, until you and I
Can turn our dreams into reality…

I’m fine with you.
I’m fine with you.
I want to be with you – that’s all I want.

This story hasn’t even started yet. (3)

I keep moving
I leave everything behind
And I simply continue to walk upon this road.

I place my feet upon the ground (a corpse).
Firmly, firmly! Firmly! I stamp my foot down. And afterwards…

Strongly, strongly! Strongly! I let loose those words.

…I want to see you.

_ _ _ _ _

(1) A corpse (死体) is written instead of ‘ground.’
(2) Blue sky (青空) is written instead of ‘sky.’
(3) Secret Sealing Club (秘封俱楽部) is written instead of ‘story.’

ふたりの物語 || Our Story

futari no monogatari
Our Story

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: lily-an
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C91
Original Theme: Greenwich in the Sky [天空のグリニッジ]


I overlooked this track during my first listen-through of the album, but I was entranced by it when I heard it for a second time, and it has since become one of my favourites from the album. The bolded lyrics aren’t written in the booklet, but I tried to translate them from ear.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Know, know, know, I wanna know!
Slow, slow, slow, slowly now…
Run, run, run, running through time,
We’ve searched for mysteries.

Know, know, know, I wanna know more!
No, no, no, don’t let go…
Where could the entrance
To that illusory world be?

The moon is full of mysteries.
What colour does it look like to you?
There’s an entrance that I can’t see…
Do I have the proper greeting ready?

When looked at with boring common sense,
That world is cursed.

Look – lots of mysterious friends
Are gathered here.
We’ll make mysterious contact
With this unbalanced world.

Monsters are ordinary here.
God’s laughing, too.
Here, have a chocolate!

Know, know, know, I wanna know!
Slow, slow, slow, slowly now…
Alone, alone, alone, we walk through time.

By just walking, won’t we end up solving
All the universe’s mysteries?
Do rabbits really make mochi?
What’s on the dark side of the moon?

I tried twisting the doorknob
That entranced me. La la…

The night sky is bright.
The round world is sparkling, too. It’s so blue.
Together, we gathered up
The spilt stardust
In my skirt. Aha…

Let’s hold a ridiculous party
And dance with everyone!
Boring theories aren’t from our world.
This is our story, once we began together.
Afterwards, let’s hold hands
And go to search for more mysteries. Where to next?

Know, know, know, I wanna know!
Slow, slow, slow, slowly now…
Run, run, run, running through time,
We’ve searched for mysteries.

Know, know, know, I wanna know more!
No, no, no, don’t let go…
Where could the entrance
To that illusory world be?

宵闇グランギニョル || Twilight Gran Guignol

yoiyami guran ginyoru
Twilight Gran Guignol

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: Seiji (青時)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C91
Original Theme: Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night [夜のデンデラ野を逝く]


I made the conscious decision to translate this song in the present tense because I think that’s the best way to convey the claustrophobic atmosphere of the original lyrics. This is the sort of stuff that gets your heart beating, that makes you scared to sleep in the darkness…

As a side note, a Gran Guignol is “a dramatic entertainment of a sensational or horrific nature.” I think that describes this track pretty well!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Something curious, writhing in the darkness, licks its lips.
Why is it looking this way with such repulsive hopes in mind?
I don’t want to know. I don’t want to see it. Aah!
I fear its twisted gaze. I’m gonna run away!

I feel uneasy. It’s like I’m being pierced with rusty thorns.
A refusal… Slowly… “Let’s pass away together.” I heard a voice.
There’s no going back now.

I can see a dazzling light, but it’s just the flames of life.
Twined-up strings make the marionettes dance.

Before I knew it, I headed toward a line of countless evil spirits, running rampant
Including nyuudou and a pandemonium of creatures! I can’t move.
My shivers seem to rob me of my senses. Aah…
I feel a sense of loss. I run about and scream and shout.

A coarse voice strikes against my eardrums.
A refusal… Slowly… “You look delicious…” I heard a voice.
I couldn’t break the spell.

A dazzling light blanketed my field of view.
This burning pain is the sign of Gran Guignol.

My cloudy breath is close to freezing.
Too late. “Do you want to be at peace?”
“I want to be free!”
I shall take you up on your offer…

I can see a dazzling light, but it’s just the flames of life.
I see twined-up strings and pale marionettes.
A dazzling scarlet covered up my field of view.
I feel the unbearable pain of Gran Guignol. The curtains fall.



Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Hellfire Mantle [業火マントル]


I really love this track. Before translating the lyrics, I expected them to be nostalgic and happy. But, well… read on and discover for yourself!

I’m pretty sure it’s about Utsuho and Satori, but see if you can spot references to other members of the Subterranean Animism crew.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I was still a childish weakling, just a hatchling.
I was pitch-black, covered in soot.
I gazed up at the sky above, and it was so ugly.
It spread out, as far as I could see.

A red-haired cat ran above a boiling pot.
I played tag with them and was scolded.
We played hide and seek, draped in curtains.
Laughter was so distant…

Your eyes were a wavering aurora in the far distance.
The world, which seemed to sparkle, was so far away. I couldn’t reach it.

This is what the Goddess said: “Do you want to see the sky?
I will make it so you can soar high…”
I could see to the very ends of the world.
It was just as the Goddess said.

With this splendid power,
I’ll make you happy next time, for sure.
So nobody will blame you or get in your way,
I’ll destroy everything.
I’ll destroy the whole world.


Suddenly, the aurora rusted away and vanished. The rain fell without end
Even though I grew so strong, even though I wanted you to smile…

I had the same third eye,
But I couldn’t see anything at all.
I’m so sorry.
My feathers are still soot-stained. I’m still weak.

I’m still a weakling, beneath the ugly sky.
I’m pitch black and covered in wounds.
What did I think about as I lived through each day?
I can’t remember anymore.
I don’t understand.

In the end, the aurora began to dissolve away. Everything vanished…
No matter how far I walk, I’ll never forget that day.

Subterranean rose.
Even the Goddess won’t reach this place.
I will become the sun
And I’ll build a rainbow, too.

The sky is right here.

シアワセエゴイスト || The Happy Egoist

shiawase egoisuto
The Happy Egoist

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: The Happy Egoist (シアワセエゴイスト) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: C91
Original Theme: White Flag of Usa Shrine [お宇佐さまの素い幡]


[26/03/2017: Minor numerical update in final stanza]

Watch the official video on Youtube here!

Like usual, kaztora takes what sounds like a peppy pop song and gives it odd, profound lyrics that make you question the meaning of life.

Originally, I thought the title would be translated as something like ‘Good Fortune’s Egoist,’ but having had the chance to look through this song, it looks like Tewi’s happiness is the thing that’s being stressed here.

Overall, the song seems to take place at two levels – Tewi is an ordinary girl who just wants to be happier than everyone else, but she also appears to play the role of the fabled ‘rabbit of happiness.’ Like a rabbit, happiness is easy to spot but hard to catch, and it can hop away at any moment…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Ready… set…!” I wish I could spend my time smiling
But today, I just fussed over nothing again.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I guess everyone experiences it.
I just can’t stop
At simply soothing people!

You can’t just say where happiness is
Since it doesn’t have a shape of its own.
But being told this and that
From over there, from here… How bothersome!

For whom? For what?
The rabbit leaps, but nothing special happens
Because the world was created to be
And unconditional, unequal, and unfathomable place.

Perfect apathy won’t awaken democracy.
They’re just unaware of the essentials.

“1, 2, 3!” I wish I could spend my time smiling,
But reason and intelligence get in my way.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
I should just forget
About all the stuff around me.
I’m a happy egoist, happier than anyone else!

Floating on top of a petri dish—
That’s happiness. It’s that sort of thing
So look, you should just wish, bearing grand feelings.
But now, which one are you?

Sensitive words surge forth,
But they don’t fulfil you. Without waiting, you continue on.
You have this and that, but still…
“It’s not enough! I want more!”
I guess that’s what you’d say?

It’s simple! I’ll raise a revolution in the world
And blast common sense to the wind.
With a leap, leap, leap, I hopped away.
Isn’t just that enough?
Why not change your perception?
I’m a happy egoist, greedier than anyone else!

( This isn’t bad!
( It’s pretty normal.
( Do you get it?
( It’s not over yet!

I wanna be happier than you, than them,
Than everyone else!
Forcing myself, standing on tiptoe, stretching out my hand…
No matter what I do, I’ll never reach it!

(3, go!)
1, 2, 3! They’d like to spend their time smiling.
Even common happiness is fine.
What’s the average of millions of happinesses? Everyone wants more than that. (1)
Is it right to define the theory of happiness in that way?
After all, it’s just talking about someone else.
Occasionally, the rabbit of happiness
Says bye bye – farewell!
Though you give chase, look! She’s getting away! La la la…

_ _ _ _ _

(1) 1億万 [ichiokuman] is literally either 100 million or 100 million multiplied by 10 thousand. 100 million is a significant number, as it is roughly the size of the Japanese population. [Reference]

地球儀の旅 || Travel the Globe

chikyuugi no tabi
Travel the Globe

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Winter Firefly (冬蛍) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C83
Original Theme: Gathering the Mysterious From All Around Japan [日本中の不思議を集めて]


This track was released in 2012, and I don’t think any arrangement of Gathering the Mysterious From All Around Japan has come close to being better than this one. That’s my bold opinion.

I started translating this song in 2013, and I finally managed to finish it in 2017! My first attempt was during January of 2013, which makes it an even earlier translation than Tanzanite. Why did it take me so long to finish it…?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nobody knows even where they’ll end up
So at some point, we turn back and reminisce.
We smile because tomorrow and the day after are things of the past.
If, say, maps of the world didn’t exist…
I wonder, where I would be living?
Though I walk, though I walk, the road continues
For whose sake? For my sake?

The stars are always flowing through the skies
So it’s okay for me
To go and search for the unknown, isn’t it?

I walk silently upon an ice-covered path.
The path is cracked, and my future is on thin ice,
But I’ll stop and rest for just today. I’m in that sort of mood.

Now I don’t even know how to get back home.
I realised I was alone and emptied my hand.
Even the sky, the ground, and the wind seem to be laughing.
La la la…

The snow fell and piled up. I disturb it and scatter it about.
This dream is yet unfinished. A red street light shines upon me.
I can still find something, so
I’ll set off on one more journey to write about the world.
Warmth was left in my right hand. La la la…
In the invisible other side, I crossed through the sky, all alone.
Where did I come from? Where am I going? The cycle of the seasons continues…

The snow pours down endlessly. I chase after traces of you somewhere.
I walk so I can someday fill in my map with you.
I’ll gather up mysterious things nearby and make a map from them!
The globe spins round and round, eternally.
I walk and open a marvellous door.
My breath is white in the night, and stars are twinkling.
I’m tied to you, somewhere in the world.

旗印が示す場所 || The Place Marked With a Flag

hatajirushi ga shimesu basho
The Place Marked With a Flag

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: Seiji (青時)
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Secret Pavilion (ヒミツパビリオン) 【Official Site】
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C91
Original Theme: Trojan Asteroid Jungle [トロヤ群の密林]


This album is great. I love Liz Triangle!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thrown into a pristine jungle, we walked.
Believing that intriguing things awaited us, we walked into the unknown…

Though we had high hopes, we were unaware of the camouflaged treasure around us.
Did someone decide that we would just walk through? We couldn’t tell left from right.

The weather was moody and sullen.
The defenceless machinery tested out its wheels. We felt premonitions…

We’ll spread out an ancient map and enjoy the differences between then and now.
Does heaven or hell await us at the place marked with a star? It’s unknown…

It seemed obvious that the hole we dug would have a bottom,
But on this planet, it seemed like we could reach its other side. Everything’s topsy-turvy.

Trapped in an illusion, feeling like we’re falling,
Up and down are all mixed up. We wildly flap our hands.

We have an indefinite, unregistered passport, but whose name should we write in it?
Permanent residency is a sin, and simply observing in defeat is even worse. We can’t tell what’s east or south.

Everything is mysterious and unnatural.
An irrational whistle reverberated and woke something up. A voice echoes.

There’s no time to look back – we’re running through a thorny path.
Does heaven or hell await us at the place marked with a flag? It’s unknown…

With a single tumble, humans were born, and civilization was created.
With a second tumble, humans multiplied and began to fight.
There’s no point in counting the third or fourth
But the fifth tumble hasn’t happened yet…

So, hoisting the map that marks out the modern era, let’s look forward to the future
So the place marked with a star will become paradise.
Piling up all the ancient maps, let’s enjoy the tracks they leave on the present.
If the place marked with a flag represents paradise…. Answer…

龍人秘抄 || Secret Notes of Humans and Dragons

hatsubanme-mono “ryuujin hishou”
The First Play: Secret Notes of Humans and Dragons

Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Tsutae (伝) 【Official Site】
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Event: C91
Original Theme: Love-Colored Master Spark [恋色マスタースパーク]

Requested by: Kaori Hanayama


The first play in a typical Noh performance is the kami mono (神物) or waki noh (脇能). In it, a deity takes on human form in the first half, before revealing their true nature in the second. This song is about a dragon, but it’s easy to draw parallels between the two after reading through the lyrics. See if you can pinpoint the point where the dragon’s true nature is revealed.

The original text is quite archaic, so my translation ended up being quite liberal. Still, I’m quite sure that I conveyed the main message of the song, though it’s open to interpretation.

The title is curious. It follows a similar pattern to old-fashioned literary works such as 連理秘抄 (A Secret Treatise of Renga Principles), 隣忠秘抄 (Secret Notes of Chikatada), and 梁塵秘抄 (Songs to Make the Dust Dance on the Beams). I decided to follow the style of the first two.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

O, freshly-woken dragonchild!
Your appearance is yet unseemly.
Without wings,
You crawl upon the ground and suffer.

Though the small dragonchild
Wept and wept,
Nobody listened to their cries.
Now, who will reach out to them?

O, wise human child!
By nature, you invite trouble.
Chased from your dwelling,
You live a solitary life and suffer.

Because the human child’s voice
Was so faint,
Nobody lent them an ear.
Now, who will reach out to them?

Living in such a sad world,
Both endured hardships.
Thus, the human and the dragon met…

The earthbound dragonchild
And the human child, unable to even walk on the ground,
Were subjected to slander
By all, with dreadful voices.

But they looked up at the heavens,
But they glared up at the heavens.
They left their lives on the scales, which became a curse…

O, wise human child!
You are still utterly ignorant.
In your hands,
You grasp something small and weak, which crawls along the ground.

In the deepest darkness,
They lurk within your hands.
They gaze into the darkness
And secretly smile…

O, freshly-woken dragonchild!
Thus, you deceive the humans.
You listen to their voices
And pursue the source of their power.

Such a wicked thing.
They once sealed you away
For your countless deeds…
Do they all know why you did what you did?

While living in this sad world,
While facing any sort of misfortune,
The dragon and human met and parted…

The freshly-woken dragonchild
Raced toward the heavens.
Though this world is so sad,
There are still voices noting how wonderful it is.

But they swam through the heavens,
But they hollowed out the earth,
Both swearing that they would meet again.

O, child left on the earth!
When you reach your dying hour,
They will surely fall from the heavens and come to you.
That is your unmistakable vow.

And so, the dawn came
When the grown dragonchild returned.
Repaying their countless debts,
They took the human’s body upon their back.

Now, they aim for the edge of the heavens,
Parting from this sad world.
The human rode upon the dragon,
Their figures visible in the sky.

Rise to the heavens! Climb, ascend, without end!
All who saw the pair wrote this, the secret notes of humans and dragons.