さかさまレジスタンス || The Inverted Resistance

sakasama rejisutansu
The Inverted Resistance

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*)
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Mischievous Sensation (悪戯センセーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Reverse Ideology [リバースイデオロギー]

Requested by: hs08


I read through the first stanza or so and I immediately though “yep. These are kaztora lyrics.” His lyrics always pose unique challenges, but they’re really rewarding to read deeply and interpret.

The world is always back-to-front! Ah…

Society, after all, is a fantasy.
Fun and boredom have flown away.
During evening at the street corner,
The honest ones look like fools. Look!

On the 6th of June, I tell a lie.
Maybe it’ll return on the 9th of September.
Changeable, reversible… it’s karma
circling round the circumference.

I say it’s for her sake
(but it’s really for my own sake)
Change your viewpoint and it’s a grand turnabout!
The sound of cultural shift can be heard…

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try handstanding occasionally?
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!
Is justice always right?
Well, there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ thing.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

The April Fool dreams.
She’s a young maiden, ignorant of the world.
“Please dream…”
“Don’t dream!”
It’s always like this—double-dealing.

I hate her
(but really, I love her)
Is this really an inverted grand turnabout?
Ah…! Now I hate her!
Though the weather’s fine today, the waves are high.

Ah… The whole world is back-to-front
so isn’t it good to try overturning it all occasionally?
I smile when I’m sad
and I cry when I’m having fun. *sob sob*
Is justice always absolute?
Well, ‘absolute’ is probably just a play on words.
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

Ah… both sides flicker and waver.
Though they get bewildered sometimes,
I guess the weak are just weak after all.
That’s a lie! What a funny story!
I’ll keep coming, no matter how many times it takes!
This is the fateful, complete reversal. Now…

One more time!
Ah… The world’s back-to-front-to-back.
I overturn it and it’s all linked again and again.
I’m sad when I’m having fun
and I laugh when times are tough. Ah ha ha!

Justice is always flawless
but there’s no such thing as something flawless.
The weak shall inherit!
Laugh off absurdity!
I’ve got a big mouth, and this is my small-scale resistance.

The world’s always back-to-front.


私が蝶になったはなし || A Story About When I Became a Butterfly

watashi ga chou ni natta hanashi
A Story About When I Became a Butterfly

Vocals: Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: azuki
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Mischievous Sensation (悪戯センセーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: The Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum [夢殿大祀廟]


Like all of azuki’s lyrics, this song is wonderful and thought-provoking, but you could spend forever reading it over and trying to work out what’s going on… It seems to be about Miko and one of her retainers, but is it about Futo or Tojiko? I’ll leave that up to you…

As a whole, this story alludes to Zhuangzi’s butterfly dream, the traditional tale in which a man ponders whether he dreams that he is a butterfly, or whether he’s a butterfly dreaming that he’s a human.

Also, all of the “you’s” use the feminine form 貴女.

I’ll tell you a nostalgic story. It’s about a dream I once had, like that tale about the butterfly…
I believed that my days would continue as they were.
You were there, I was there, and the world kept turning.
It was an indescribable world.
I secretly strained my ears from beside you. You were so sombre.

I tried to take a closer look… I was smiling.
I wanted to be like you
And I left myself behind in my past days,
Which vanished somewhere.

That’s right—an unhappy future will never arrive
Because the only one who’s ever hurt is me, as I am now.
“One day.” I don’t need to predict what will happen after that
Because I’m fine with just being able to say “good morning” when I wake up.

Now, I’ll tell you a mysterious story. I’ve become a butterfly.
I must have had 1000 different thoughts
But I didn’t tell anyone a single one. You know, I couldn’t even be myself.

This world, seen from your eyes,
Is so colourful.
I let out a sigh
Aimed at that rainbow-covered heart. Then, like a bubble
It flew, flew, flew… and vanished.

“God is unfair.” That’s not how it is at all—
I think we’re just a little bit unequal.
It was too early for me to wake up.

That’s right—an uncertain future will never arrive
Because, back then, you were the one who believed. You were optimistic.
I don’t need anyone else. Nobody else can take your place.
Even if only you can smile, the world will turn.

Rather than honorific language, I only want to listen to your words.

That’s right—an unhappy future will never arrive
Because for a thousand nights and dawns, you (I) will be there. (1)

(1) 貴女 【わたし】 (anata [watashi], you [I]) is written, but わたし (I) is sung.

悪戯センセーション || Mischievous Sensation

itazura senseeshon
Mischievous Sensation

Vocals: Ayaponzu* (あやぽんず*), Ayo (あよ)
Lyrics: kaztora, ticat
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: Mischievous Sensation (悪戯センセーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Themes: –Septette for a Dead Princess [亡き王女の為のセプテット]
U.N. Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?]

Requested by: Sea

(非公式の)英訳だけです。申し訳ありません!m(_ _)m

This is such a fun track! In this album, we’ve got not one, but two duets between Ayaponzu* and Ayo (Shinra-bansho’s two official vocalists). I really like both tracks, and I’m looking forward to hearing some more duets in the future!

I think the story goes something like this: Flandre and Remilia terrorise and kill one of their ‘guests,’ then they start fighting, then they make up. In the end, they realise that they’re not as different as they seem. But have they really put aside their differences…?

There are several spell card references in here. In particular, ‘Five of a Kind’ is a direct reference to the album art, in which Remilia is the ‘fifth,’ accompanying the 4 Flandres. I think they’re the ‘mischievous sensation’ referred to in the album’s title.

Code Purple: Both. Red: Remilia [Ayaponzu*]. Orange: Flandre [Ayo]

Vamp, scarlet devil! Who are you?
Jump, scarlet devil! Are you ready?
I’ll suck everything from your soul!
Making mischief every night!

(I want you tonight. I can’t help it—it’s a party night!
I’ll instruct you, brainwash you, serve you… on and on and on!)

I am this mansion’s owner, its scarlet moon. (A splendid red moon!)
Welcome! Sit down, don’t tense up. Now…

It’s my turn!
Humans are my favourite things! (Just kidding) I’m an angel, the pride of my big sis (Yeah!)
Let’s hurry up and play! Let’s do something and spend time together!
(How fun!) I’m so happy! I can’t wait! (Ehehehe)

Do you like playing vampire tag?
O demon, come this way! (La la la…)
I’m fine with anything (That’s right, I am!)
Hm? A guest…?

I wanna play kagome kagome! (Huh?)
You’re gonna be in the cage, right? (Hold on!)
Wait! Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah!
I’ll move quickly, squeeze you tight, then bam! Let’s go!

We’ll tangle up your fate
And the secret art of us sisters, “Five of a Kind,” will sparkle!
There’s no way you can escape!
It’s your fault for getting lost and ending up here!
When we turn on the lights,
We’ll show you everything. I wanna play with your cards.
Be our playmate!
Today we definitely won’t let you go home!

Vamp, scarlet devil! Where are you?
Jump, scarlet devil! Are you breathing?
I’ll drink everything up. Come!
What a mess! You’re coming apart!

Oh no! They’re not moving anymore… (Eh?)
I’m gonna tell the teacher! (Keine…?)
After all, it was you, sis, who dropped them from such a high place. (Ah…)
(Now I’m in a mood!)

Hold it!
It’s because you pushed them (I dunno)
With some demonically high firepower, right? (I can’t hear you!)
You’re always so unreasonable. Are you really my little sister?

Ah, it’s always like this! I’m in the wrong?! (Lu la la…)
I’ve put up with it up until today.
You’ve put up with it?

How outrageous! It’s nothing but lies! (Agh… that’s it…)
I’m the one who’s been patient here!
Agh… that’s it! That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it!
I flare up, scream, and then bam!
I don’t care!

I don’t like any of it!
Aah, sis, I didn’t do anything wrong!
Think about what you’ve done.
Who was the one complaining all day?
How cheeky. You’re so lame!
Don’t forget—you were oh so terrified!
Don’t change the subject!
I definitely won’t forgive you today! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

“Hah, you can’t do anything if Sakuya’s not around!”
“That goes for you too, right, Flan?!”
“You say ‘charisma is this and that,’ but… do you even know what you’re saying?!”
“You’ve… only got strength behind you! You beastly girl!”
“What?!” “Huh?!”

I really, really hate you!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah…) 1, 2, 3, 4!
Day by day, you never get tired.
(You’ve gotta have fun every night! I need to be an adult? Why, why, why?)
You have ‘fun’ without tiring from all our arguments.
(We’ve all gotta use our time well, so we do the same things each day)
Wanna play? (Yeah, yeah) Wanna play? (Yeah, yeah) Let’s play! (Yeah, yeah)
Bad, bad, bad, bad behaviour—Your stupidity will never be fixed.
If we’re both idiots, then let’s dance! Let’s have fun together or we’ll miss out…

We’ll do the same things today! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Let’s make up.
But hey, I didn’t do anything wrong!
We’re not the same.
I hate you so much I don’t even want to see your face.
You’re so dear to me!
…Really? Because you know, I really…
Well, only when you’re my playmate.
Just as I thought.  We’re the same! Cranberry…!

(Vamp, scarlet devil! Piece of cake. Shine!)
The secret art of sisters, “Five of a Kind,” glistens and sparkles.
(R.I.P, scarlet devil! 2 x 2 = 4. Yeah! La la la…)
Shouldn’t we all play together? La la la…
(Out! Safe! Cross flash!)
Those things won’t have any effect, right? Right? Right!
Fate can’t be changed.
You’re the one who can’t continue, most of all! You can’t!

ラピスラズリの夜に || During a Night of Lapis Lazuli

rapisu razuri no yoru ni
During a Night of Lapis Lazuli

Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: ticat
Arranged by: kaztora, with support from AJ
Album: Mischievous Sensation (悪戯センセーション) 【Official Site】
Circle: Shinra-bansho (森羅万象)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Theme: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial [月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル]


I love the whole album, but this track is one of two that hold a particularly special place in my heart.

Interestingly enough, ticat started off as a Liz Triangle/Shinra-bansho fan, and now they’re writing lyrics for the circle…! According to one of their tweets, lapis lazuli is intended to signify an eternal oath.

This is more of a general note, but three different characters are used for ‘blue’ in each of this song’s choruses: 蒼, 碧, and 青 respectively. This translation uses different words in an attempt to convey the different nuances held by these characters.

[I’m going to leave the album title untranslated until I actually translate the title track, because I don’t want to go with one translation and have to change it partway through]

I planted my splendid knife in
And I gently kissed you, like I was caressing your ripe cheek.

I wipe off the dripping juice
And think back over the past.

I had forgotten to wind the screw.
My body sways to and fro. The music box plays.

The moon, which had turned 360 degrees, and the lake’s rippling surface
Shone with a freezing coldness.
Their radiance was like chunks of lapis lazuli shining through the fog
Into the deep blue, into the distance.
I looked at the new moon, quenching my heart.
If only I could have sworn that oath…

I touch the tears of the Earth as they overflow.
Next, I will fill my lungs with them.

“Ever since that day, my broken silver fangs have—“
I should stop telling those old tales.

Even if the deal is weak,
I won’t worry about it and I’ll soar high for that fleeting moment.

The moon, which had revolved a full 360 degrees, danced above the lake.
The lake awaited the thaw, seeking warmth.
It was like chunks of lapis lazuli, fading away
Into the jade, into the distance.
I would scream until I could scream no more
If it meant I could swear that oath.

I stand alone during a dark night
In a corner of a terminal station.
I left behind my expectations and my hope
And I closed the door. Hey…

I see. Since the days when I served you, I’ve been fascinated
By the fireworks in the sky I picture in my heart. I long for them.
I knew it all. But I can’t count 100 lights.
“I want to be by your side for even longer…”

The moon, turning 360 degrees, passed by
And erased the thick clouds of mist.
Still, the future is lapis lazuli coloured,
So blue, so close by.
After seizing the future in my hands so it won’t spill out,
I can swear this oath forever…